On behalf of the Organising Committee, we are delighted to invite you to support the Australasian Ethics Network Conference (AEN23) to be held from 11 – 12 May 2023, in Melbourne, Australia!

This conference will attract Researchers, Ethics Committee Members, Ethics Chairs, Ethics Administrators, Research Governance Officers and Research Managers from across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. This represents a unique opportunity to engage with these groups, exchanging ideas, receiving feedback and presenting innovation in the area of human ethics review.

As a sponsor you are able to have your company’s brand and message in front of key personnel engaged in the ethics process. Sponsorship levels include; Major, Event, Session and various other packages. We are also happy to offer the flexibility of sponsorship packages allowing us to tailor a package to more accurately suit your objectives for supporting this event.

Click on the image below to view our sponsorship prospectus.

If you are interested in sponsoring our 2023 Conference, please email Lisa Beckham, ARMS Conference and Major Events Coordinator ARMSevents@researchmanagement.org.au



Endpoint IQ

Endpoint IQ feels strongly that there is limited choice available in the market for innovative and intuitive end to end research management solutions. Purpose built systems for research management provide significant value-add and delivering these is the raison d’etre of Endpoint IQ. This is in comparison to constantly waiting for new features and committing never-ending internal resources to integrate, upgrade and bend hybridised systems in highly dynamic research environments.

Ongoing compliance and reduced administrative burden across ethics management requires a partner that has a comprehensive product offering and who is responsive, flexible and technically capable with a strong track record in this specialised sector. Endpoint IQ has a deep understanding of research ethics management and solutions that can answer the bespoke needs of complex organisations. We have acquired clients in a globally competitive market with next generation systems and comprehensive (internal) research management knowhow. Clients across Australia and New Zealand have trusted Endpoint IQ with the systems that underpin the management of research which for many of them is their primary purpose.  Endpoint IQ is strategically focused on building its reputation as a trusted partner in leading research management practices and building its presence internationally.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference. 



For 2 decades, Infonetica has empowered the world’s leading researchers with an ecosystem of software solutions that make their lives easier, so they have more time to focus on delivering world class research.

At Infonetica we’re proud of our customer-first track record. We support our customers every step of the way and collaborate with them to make sure our products continue to evolve to meet their changing needs.

Ethics RM, a best-in-class cloud-based research ethics management solution, has processed over 2 million research ethics applications and is trusted by over 600K active users.

Come visit our Infonetica booth at the AEN 2023 conference to meet the friendly team and find out how Ethics RM can:

  • Be tailored to meet your governance and compliance needs
  • Streamline your processes and deliver efficiencies
  • Integrate seamlessly with other software you use
  • Enhance collaboration at all levels – from applicants to review committees


Dimensions Research Integrity-powered by Ripeta

Powered by Ripeta, Dimensions Research Integrity can be used to improve the integrity and reproducibility of scientific research. Today, research integrity and trust in science are at the forefront of scientific communications. And Ripeta has built unparalleled methodologies and tools to ensure that integrity in scientific research is upheld and trust in science is strengthened.  Dimensions Research Integrity examines the content of published papers by looking for the hallmarks of responsible science: a clearly stated study objective, a statement of how the research is funded, guidance about how to obtain a copy of the study data, and many others. Ripeta calls these hallmarks “trust markers”. By leveraging the trust markers available in Dimensions Research Integrity:

  • Funders can monitor the implementation and uptake of good science indicators
  • Publishers can compare practices against policies and similar publishers 
  • Institutions can identify local practices needing attention and intervene  before publication


Tricky Goose Training

Tricky Goose designs training courses that promote research quality, integrity, and ethics. 
Our courses are concise. We design for researchers. We value their time. We start from the assumption that our learners are smart, busy people.
Our courses are light on administration, but rich in multimedia and research literature. 
We make responsibilities clear and simple. We ask open-ended questions worthy of scholarly consideration, and provide engaging resources to take away and use.
Tricky Goose helps institutions promote compliance, but our courses are not about compliance.  We’re more scholarly, and frankly, more fun.
Make our courses your own. They’re highly customisable to suit your institution.